Glashütte Original Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition Replica Watches For Sale

First things first, the Glashütte Original Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition watch that you see here isn’t actually a new watch. Glashütte Original actually put out a rose gold version in 2012. But that was a limited edition version of which only 100 pieces were made. On the other hand, this new version, which was announced late last year, will be a regular production model. So if you missed out on the rose gold version in 2012, now’s your chance to get the Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition watch, albeit in a different case material.

The first replica limited edition Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition watches came in 18k rose gold. The new regular production model one, on the other hand, comes in an 18k white gold case. If you like your watches to look more discreet, the white gold case is a boon. One thing to note is that the entire case is mirror-polished, and that means two things: 1) it glimmers and shines like mad under direct light and 2) for clumsier owners, the watch is a scratch magnet.

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Between the moon phase sub-dial at 10 o ‘clock, cone shaped power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock, seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and the decorated movement components, the dial can veer on looking almost chaotic but the cohesive execution succeeds. It’s a wonderfully elaborate design done in a distinctly Glashütte way.

Case dimensions remain the same at 42mm in diameter and 11.2mm in height. It sounds modest, but the watch actually wears a little larger than you might think. That is because the lugs are quite long. They do curve downwards so wearing comfort isn’t too bad. However, the lug to lug length of the watch is quite substantial, which means it wears more like a 44mm or even 45mm watch. Fortunately, the case is quite thin, which should be the case for a watch that is as ornate as this.

The crown doesn’t screw down, but it is signed with the double-G logo of Glashütte Original. The sapphire case back is screwed down and the watch has a rated water resistance of 30m. This is pretty much standard stuff for dressy hand-wound watches such as this.

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The dial of this new white gold Glashütte Original Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition fake watches are identical to the rose gold model from five years ago. Unlike some other skeletonized watches, Glashütte Original hasn’t done away with the dial entirely. In fact, to put it more accurately, the dial has been “edited” and sliced to reveal the skeletonized movement below. The moon phase display, power reserve indicator, and the subsidiary seconds, are actually all intact. The chapter ring is intact too and the hours are rendered in classic-looking Roman numerals and on the periphery is a railroad-style minutes track. The hour and minute hands, as well as the hands for the power reserve indicator and subsidiary seconds, are all flamed blue.

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